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Responsible Travel

Our definition of responsible travel (RT) is to minimize the negative impacts caused by tourism on the culture and environment, and to encourage the positive aspects of tourism.

Green Foot Prints is committed to upholding its RT policies and requests that while travelling with us, you follow them and help us be socially, environmentally & culturally responsible.

  • Your leader will be provided with rubbish bags so you can avoid throwing away any rubbish. He/she will dispose of them where appropriate.
  • Tribal life is sensitive and attraction to the modern lifestyle may result in negative changes to the indigenous tribes' social lives. Travellers therefore need to be careful. Please pay only for the services you receive.
  • Do not encourage begging; avoid giving a school pen or money to the children if they ask. As a responsible traveller, you need to discourage their begging tendency.
  • Dress respectfully to avoid offense and unwanted attention, especially in remote and traditional areas. In churches and temples please wear clothing which covers your knees and shoulders.
  • In forest areas, try to avoid wearing bright or colourful clothes which may attract the attention of wild animals. Avoid giving food to animals. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes.
  • Get your water bottle filled wherever good water is available. Avoid buying more plastic bottles.
  • Your group leader will provide you with RT bags to carry any items you buy. Avoid buying plastic bags unnecessarily.
  • On occasions when you're on remote trekking, waste disposal can become a problem. Things such as sanitary napkins and tampons should be burned.

Personal Safety

Your personal safety is a top priority for Green Foot Prints so we make sure to take all necessary safety precautions. All travellers need to be fit enough to cope with the typical conditions of travelling in a tropical country. Our trips are therefore unsuitable for people with serious health problems.

  • All safety precautions will be taken by your group leader and explained to you in advance.
  • Life jackets will be provided when you are on a motor boat cruise or a canoe ride.
  • Leech socks will be provided when you're on a wildlife trek.
  • Your group leader is provided with first aid box in cases of emergencies.
  • Passengers must bring their own medicines because it is illegal for a group leader to provide them.
  • Make sure you bring appropriate travel gear such as proper trekking boots, rain coats, hats etc…
  • You are traveling in a tropical country. Make sure you have sun protection creams, mosquito repellent sprays etc..
  • While you are on included trip activities, please stay with your fellow travellers or your group leader.
  • Our operations wing is at your service 24 hours a day, so your group leader will be given the necessary help in emergency situations.


Green Foot Prints is committed to supporting social welfare

Green Foot Prints supports many charitable organizations in southern India by donating a percentage of its profits to them. By booking your trip with Green Foot Prints, you are also contributing to our charity works.
In addition, as a part of our trips we can organize optional visits to orphanages which enable you to take part in our charity programs. Some of our guests like to make personal donations to these charities and any small contribution from you is very valuable to us and much appreciated. Things like used clothes can be handed over to our tour leaders who will distribute them where they are most needed. If you are interested in doing voluntary work for any of these organizations we can put you in touch with the right people to arrange this.
If you'd like to make a financial contribution to any of these institutions after visiting them, you can either give it directly to the organisation or via Green Foot Prints. You will receive a receipt for any cash donation that you make. If you hand over any money to your tour leader, please mention the amount in your feedback.
Any charitable donations that you make are completely voluntary and you are under no obligation to do so.