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"At Green Foot Prints we believe that by creating incredible travel experiences which are environmentally sound and truly beneficial to local people, we are providing a service which is fundamentally different from conventional tourism. Green Foot Prints has a selection of fantastic destinations where the natural serenity remains undisturbed. This is the main reason why we have adopted strong RT (responsible travel) policies – to reduce the negative impacts of tourism on the environment. By utilizing the local infrastructure, we not only contribute to the local economy but also minimize the total trip expense for our guests. By staying with local families, visiting communities and travelling to places beyond the usual tourist routes, you will enjoy an unforgettable, authentic travel experience of Southern India."

Experience Indigenous Culture…

  • Visit local villages and experience the essence of rural culture in Southern India. Stay in family homes, share work experiences with local trades people and learn to cook typical village cuisine.
  • Benefit from exclusive access to remote tribal communities. Interact with tribal people and learn about their way of life.

Explore the Unexplored...

  • Visit locations off the beaten track where the natural habitat remains preserved.
  • Enjoy unique and unforgettable experiences in places no other tour operator visits.

Support Local Communities…

  • In some places we utilize local service providers e.g. transport, family homestays, folk art performances, and pays them directly.
  • Green Foot Prints gives a portion of its profits to local orphanages. You have the option to make additional contributions by donating money, 2nd hand clothing or voluntary work if you wish.

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